Walking the line between playful and intimate, Jocelyn Limmer is an original jazz-pop artist whose heartfelt melodies and confessional lyrics explore the power of vulnerability within the feminine experience. Her first two releases, Hindsight (2012), and Those Three Words (2014), feature piano-driven songs and sultry vocals about romantic disillusionment and the dark side of fairytales. Her forthcoming album, As Lovers Go (January 2019), is a musical journey through a doomed relationship whose songs unflinchingly tackle subjects like codependency, fantasy, and the struggle to love oneself first with an underlying tone of wry optimism. 


photo credit: Carter Howe, @carterkhowe



Ballerina Butterfly







Those Three Words (2014)

Hindsight (2012)


Prior Performances:

The Burren Backroom Series

Lizard Lounge Main Event 2015

Somerville Arts Council Tiny House Festival

Thunder Road

Wiretap Wednesday Feature, Arts at the Armory Cafe

Out of the Blue Too Gallery

Devlin's Acoustic Series

MIT Coffeehouse Series



“Jocelyn can grab from just about any style of music to write the song she has in mind.  In her music I can hear everything from the entertainment and bounce of a Gershwin, the bite of Carol King, old timey swing and up or down tempo tunes influenced by modern songwriters from Fiona Apple to Regina Spektor.  All that being said, with voice and piano skills all day Jocelyn is Jocelyn.  An artist all her own that lights up a room from the first chord to the standing ovation.” - Tom Bianchi

"Jocelyn Limmer is a young Boston treasure, bursting with talent. Whether it’s her original music or a popular cover tune, from Tori Amos to Ella Fitzgerald to Radiohead, Limmer holds her audience with grooves and hooks, solo and with a group. She conveys a capturing presence on stage. Her vocal and piano skills are attractive without being showy. Each song Jocelyn performs is a poignant statement…tugging on the ear, phrased in loose lines with tight turns. Calm, confident and purposeful." - Tim Ko. www.BostonLovesMusic.com

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YouTube -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgcsAnqR8Qeb_VLfeCGEF7A Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/Jocelyn-Limmer-481049845307404/ CD Baby -- http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jocelynlimmer2